Friday, 4 March 2011


Had a 1000 visitors to this defunct blog the other day!!Found out after a tip off! I never have time to update this blog and i doubt anyone even looks at it! Embarrassingly though a "friend" of mine posted sketches of a batmobile i did a few years ago and just for fun he tried to pass them off as The Dark Knight Rises batmobile designs!!!! Nice! and it didn't fool anyone, it wouldn't fool me! I think Nathan Crowley will come up with something way cooler he also knows the films story, something that will shape and mold the design. I'm sure its going to be badass and i cant wait to see what he comes up with.

On another note......(Batfan rant)

Although i enjoyed the Nolan films i am looking forward to the next reboot of the franchise, without a silly voiced Batman driving round Chicago!

The first film was great but by today's standards seems a little cheap, i mean it was brilliant Burton and I'm not mocking the master of fairytale but imagine a massive budget Batman film in the dark Gotham underworld, something like the game Arkham Asylum which to me hits the nail squarely on the head.Fantastic design and style. So if any studio big wigs happen to see this, id love to write, direct and design a new batman film! hell id even just make the tea on a Batman film.

Anyway..these 3 sketches were just a quick idea of how to keep the real world aspect of the Nolan films but combine that with the batmobiles of the past, which i think have penetrated our world phyche now, well definately mine. The idea was that could it fly or at least kind of hover. It was a quick design exercise that wasn't really that thought out, just a bit of fun.

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